FAQ - Property Management

FAQ - Property Management

Lifestyle has a wealth of knowledge and experience available,
all you have to do is ask

"We often visit our property, why do we need your help?"

Unexpected surprises are often a distressing thing to arrive to. Water leaks, electrical problems, pest control issues and bad odours are a common problem when you least expect them. Having a properly managed property we will identify these areas, report them and arrange for them to be dealt with in advance of your arrival to leave you with a trouble free visit.

"How do I arrange maintenance work at my property?"

You won't have to. Lifestyle takes care of all of this for you. If the maintenance work comes from one of our regular inspections or a dilapidations report we will advise you of what is required and will prepare to complete the works. If the works arise for other reasons, we will make all the necessary arrangements. The larger jobs we will prepare you a detailed quote for your authorisation and arrange everything required. Should you require specific alternatives, we will be happy to discuss this with you until we reach your goal.

"We want to arrange for an Event at our property, can you help us?"

Of course. We will contact you to gain all the details of what you have already planned, or what you would like planned so that we can accurately quote for and arrange every detail of your event. If we do not already have access to your requirements, we will source them for you to make you an event to remember.

"We do not speak Spanish, can you assist us?"

A common issue with some property owners, but not one that should concern you. As well as the local infrastructure on the Costa del Sol having a wide ranges of International languages, here at Lifestyle, we always here to assist you. If you can't, we can.

"What happens to the mail that is sent to our property in Spain?"

If you have our regular inspections included in your management services then this will be taken care of for you. If not, we can arrange for and collect the mail from your property and have it mailed or couriered to you at your request. Often owners receive official documents quite regularly that require immediate attention, please consider this when choosing your required services.

"What is the cost of your management package?"

There are core services, however the nature of the management packages we design for our Owners are bespoke and tailored to the owner, the property and the property use. There a coverall membership is not one that reflects our services. Our best management package is one you decide on.

"What is included in your management package?"

The better question here is not what is included, it is, what is not? And the answer to that question is... This is what we do here at Lifestyle, just ask, and if you require something specific, we are always here to help.

"I am becoming disappointed with my current management company, how will I know you will be different?"

Arrange an appointment to meet us. We will discuss and plan your services based on your requirements until you are happy to proceed. We are a dynamic and evolving company that is always developing our services for our Owners, therefore all feedback is important.

"Do you offer a meet and greet service?"

As part of all the management packages we design and deliver, this service is one that is offered the most for our clients. What better for your Guests to arrive to a warm welcome and to take all the stresses of a new property away from their relaxing experience. Please contact us with your requirements and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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